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I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Anaheim. I really didn't have much interest in politics in those days.Other than Pres Reagan anyway.My wife turned me on to rush limbaugh and the rest as they say is history.Some Consider me a hard core conservative.I don't,yes I am a conseravtive but I'm more open minded than the hard core ones.For 10 years we lived in skagit county during that time I was a pco Area chair and county yr chairman.Since my wife and I moved to Kent almost 3 years ago the fargo precinct in the 47th district where we make our home has sat empty.Its been actually 5-6 years since its been vacant. The King Gop doesn't like me so empty the fargo precinct sits.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Chris Vance Chronicles

Good Afternoon

After almost a 3 week hiatus I have returned I have a gotten a lot of
questions about why I seemed to have it in for Chris Vance. Here's the
answer in December of 2004 my wife and I were at a republican women's
of Seattle Christmas party at the home of Pedro celis.Dino Rossi happened to
come to the party. I had the pleasure of speaking with dino.During the course
of the conversation mark hulst's name came up.Dino had a lot of nice things to
say about mark.

My first thought was lets see if he knows what marks doing right now.
So I asked Dino if he heard what mark was doing? He said no I don't.
I was surprised, my response oh you don't know.I don't know if I
should say, Dino says oh come on you can tell me.I said I don't know.
All at once Dino says oh your talking about the state chair race.
well mark's not going to run.

I was shocked it was a mere 3 days earlier that I had spoken with
mark he never said anything about it.So when I got home that
night I emailed mark telling him that I was sorry to here that he had
decided not to run for state chair.The next day mark
returned my email saying whatever gave you the idea that
I'm not running?I thought oh boy what's going on here.

Mark explained to me that Chris Vance had told the rossi campaign
that he wasn't running anymore.It was at that point I decided
to go after Vance with everything I had.Because no one makes
me look like idiot and gets away with it.What made it even worse
is he used Dino Rossi to do it.This and the fact that he was so desperate
to keep his power that he told some pretty big whoppers about mark
hulst during the state chair race.

I simply don't believe someone this contemptible should be
leading a political party.Anyway on to some new stuff last
Saturday afternoon the state republican party had there
executive board meeting.Vance let everyone know that
unless he got a raise he would resign at the end of the year.
My response: then go ahead and resign.

It takes some nerve to ask for a raise when the organization Vance is leading
is in debt to the tune of 1.8 million dollars. There fund raising
is in the toilet.More than half of the state central committee no
longer support him.He continues to alienate the conservative
wing of the party.Between Vance and the king county republican
party they have done more to damage this party than I have
been accused of doing.

Chris Vance is also interested in running for state senate. He wants
to replace the retiring senator johnson.In his infinite way he actually
thinks he can run for state senate and be state chair at the
same time.Now picture this his primary job is to raise money to help
candidates. How can Vance possibly do this and raise money for his
own campaign.The fact of the matter is he can't.So yes Mr Vance
go ahead and quit.


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