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I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Anaheim. I really didn't have much interest in politics in those days.Other than Pres Reagan anyway.My wife turned me on to rush limbaugh and the rest as they say is history.Some Consider me a hard core conservative.I don't,yes I am a conseravtive but I'm more open minded than the hard core ones.For 10 years we lived in skagit county during that time I was a pco Area chair and county yr chairman.Since my wife and I moved to Kent almost 3 years ago the fargo precinct in the 47th district where we make our home has sat empty.Its been actually 5-6 years since its been vacant. The King Gop doesn't like me so empty the fargo precinct sits.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bronco Mendenhall and Susan Hutchison and lessons I have learned from them

It was about four years ago when I first got to know Susan Hutchison. It was at that time when I first wrote about my experiences with Susan. I did so based on an analogy comparing her to another amazing person by the name of Bronco Mendenhall. For those of you who didn't get a chance to read the first story. Bronco is the head football coach at Brigham Young University.

Bronco is now in his fifth year as head coach. Since that time he is doing exactly as I knew he would. He has ignited the fan base and the team has enjoyed three straight 10 win seasons and they appear to be on there way to another.

But there's more, Bronco is unlike any other college football coach in America today. The man is a spiritual giant. One of the things that Bronco and the team do is the night before every game they hold a special religious service where everyone in the community is invited. Now this is not a pep rally its an uplifting meeting where Bronco and his wife Holly and couple members of the team give motivating talks about life and how they do things at BYU. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of those meetings a year ago the night before they played the Washington Huskies. One of the key things I learned from Bronco are these five priorities he has in place for the team. They are listed here in order of importance.

2. Family

Amazing isn't it football is the fifth priority. From the moment I knew who Bronco Mendenhall was I knew he was a special person. I also knew that we were supposed to meet. Though at the time I didn't know why. I still don't know completely why but I do know more. God is slowly opening the door that has separated us. I look forward to the day when that door is finally opened.

As to Susan I can never say enough good things about one of my most favorite individuals in the world. To this day it still stuns me that I really know her. After all those years of watching her on the news I never thought, I never dreamed I would actually get to know Susan. This whole thing with Susan caught me by complete surprise. There is no doubt in my mind and heart that it happened through the power of God.

The most important thing I have learned from Susan is to never do anything to embarrass yourself,your family,your faith or your team. Once you lose your honor and integrity you have lost everything. To be honest there was time not all that long ago that it almost happened to me.
Were not for Susan and my wife Michele,with a little help from Larry Gelwix, Bronco Mendenhall and Glenn Beck I would not be the person I am today. Susan's powerful example has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. She has also inspired me to believe in myself and to do things I once thought were impossible.

I know your all wondering about Susan's run for King County Executive and what I think about the whole thing so far. Well I would be lying if I said I agreed with everything that has gone on.
But you know what? none of it matters to me. Because I know the real Susan and that's good enough for me. Whether she wins or not I will always believe in her because I know who she really is and the kind of person she can and will ultimately be.

Susan has in almost every way become the big sister I always wished I had. I am very blessed to know her in a way most people don't. I will always be grateful for the gift of a big sister that God gave me and her name is Susan.

Thanks for listening

Phil Spackman