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I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Anaheim. I really didn't have much interest in politics in those days.Other than Pres Reagan anyway.My wife turned me on to rush limbaugh and the rest as they say is history.Some Consider me a hard core conservative.I don't,yes I am a conseravtive but I'm more open minded than the hard core ones.For 10 years we lived in skagit county during that time I was a pco Area chair and county yr chairman.Since my wife and I moved to Kent almost 3 years ago the fargo precinct in the 47th district where we make our home has sat empty.Its been actually 5-6 years since its been vacant. The King Gop doesn't like me so empty the fargo precinct sits.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Republican Establishment Goes After Susan Hutchison

Good afternoon,

First let me start by saying Susan Hutchison is in east Africa
until Aug 15th don't blame Susan for this delay. She left on
July 29th this one's all mine.But have no fear the interview
will take place soon after she returns.

Anyway back on the 28th of July I believe the republican
establishment made there first attempt to derail Susan
Hutchison's campaign for US senate.While she hasn't
officially announced if she is going to run or not.Chris Vance
and company see her as the only viable threat to the anointed one

I believe this whole thing that went down thursday was an orchestrated
attempt by Vance To knock her out of the race as usual Vance missed
by a country mile.Once again Vance underestimated Susan's grass
roots support.I guess this bares repeating Susan Hutchison is the only
candidate that most of the party will rally around .

If Susan decides to run I know she will win it all.Be assured this will
not be the last attempt by Vance to take her out of the race.It just
shows you how out of touch the republican establishment is with
the grassroots.As long as they have the current leadership in place
nothing will change.


Anonymous chardonnay said...

For God's sake, when will the people of this State realize when they have a golden opportunity? What the hell is Vance thinking? Susan Hutchison, who doesn't know and lover her?
The same thing happen to Regan Dunn, IMHO. Money, name, huge name supporters. At this rate we are doomed with the sickness called liberalism running this state.

6:25 PM  
Blogger phil spackman said...


Are you being serious here?
If you are I'm glad.I would disagree
with about reagan dunn however
He is not a conservative,Reagan
dunn is a moderate.There is only
one conservative in the race and
thats steve hammond.

I think its also important to
understand that steve appeals
to alot of democrats because of his
stance on property rights.

That is why the king county
democrats had so much trouble
getting anyone to run in the 9th

Until the day of there convention
they couldnt get anyone.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous chardonnay said...

I'm sick of losing that's all. And sick of losing to these evil Democrat extremists.
Dunn may very well be a moderate in your eyes, but I have talked with him and he agree's with everything I do and I am a Christian Conservative. I am not a moderate at all, I do not waffle or am not in the middle on anything. I have very strong opinions on the issues and stand up for them. I doubt very seriously if Regan Dunn will go behind our backs and try to abolish our property rights or our right to assemble in churches.
Someone is paranoid allright and it's not me.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Republican in Exile said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Republican in Exile said...

If Reagan Dunn is anything like his mother, he is pro-abortion. Jennifer Dunn is on the honorary advisory board of The Wish List, which is an organization and PAC committed to electing "pro-choice" women to the House and Senate. She has been guiding this whole campaign.

That wing of the party is successful by disquising themselves as conservative on everything else so they can get your vote and once in power, weaken the party's stand on abortion. They have succeeded while we haven't been paying attention. They purposely avoid the subject and encourage even pro-lifers to stay away from the subject so that we will all just believe that all Republicans are basically the same.

If you care at all about ending abortion, you'll be smart and not give any of them your vote. And by the way, when you dig far enough, you'll find that they're not conservative on much of anything else. Don't let they're empty rhetoric fool you. And what good is it to elect another Republican if he doesn't act like one other than when it suits him getting elected? And where's that big name Democrat that they were supposed to have running in this race? Let's get a real conservative elected and defeat these scoundrels once and for all!

7:38 PM  
Anonymous chardonnay said...

FTR I think abortion is distgusting. OK? But I think it's a huge uphill battle that we aren't winning socially. The left has been successfull in manipulating public opinion, as they have with alot of their sick agenda's. We must admit that they are the masters at using key words [choice] to win over the people. They call this strategy "emotional intelligence." It pulls at the peoples heartstrings. Try and examine the left's talking points to every issue, alot of people vote based on these key words [choice] not knowing the trickery and agenda behind them.
Once we identify these, and we have, and come to our own successfull, true and convincing language, we will win. It won't happen until we have a big enuf majority at the local levels. We can only win by telling the truth and compromising a little bit until we get there. Think football team. I am sick of the little wars inside our party, being united can be a big asset. WIN AND WIN SMART!!!

8:32 AM  
Blogger Republican in Exile said...

How does a pro-abortion candidate help us get there and win the battle? And BTW, the left is not winning public opinion on abortion. The left in our party just want us to believe that so we'll give up. You can read about how it was the social issues: abortion and gay marriage that gave Republicans such big gains in 2000, 2002 and 2004. Show me a Republican candidate who lost in the general, and I'll show you a pro-abortion Republican in almost all cases.

4:34 PM  

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