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I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Anaheim. I really didn't have much interest in politics in those days.Other than Pres Reagan anyway.My wife turned me on to rush limbaugh and the rest as they say is history.Some Consider me a hard core conservative.I don't,yes I am a conseravtive but I'm more open minded than the hard core ones.For 10 years we lived in skagit county during that time I was a pco Area chair and county yr chairman.Since my wife and I moved to Kent almost 3 years ago the fargo precinct in the 47th district where we make our home has sat empty.Its been actually 5-6 years since its been vacant. The King Gop doesn't like me so empty the fargo precinct sits.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Last Straw

Good Afternoon,

It has been a while since I have posted anything.So here it comes.
Its been almost a week since the king county republican convention.
During that time I have watched and waited to see if anyone would
write about it.Since it hasn't happened I will do it myself.
Stefan Sharkansky,Andy McDonald and Matt Rosenberg were all in
attendance and yet not one of them has written a word about it.
I have to conclude that either they were to embarrassed or just didn't
care.Either way it speaks volumes about how aligned they are with
the GOP in king county.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about,
one of the things that happens is that the delegates vote on who
gets to be there representatives on the state committees at the
convention. One of those positions happened to be for the state platform
committee. Doug Parris decided he was going to run against
Lori Sotelo for the position. I think that Michael Young found
out Doug was going to run and decided he wouldn't let it happen.
So Mr Young made a motion from the floor for the delegates to just
vote for those that had ran the committees to be on the state
committees as well.I don't want to bore anyone with all the
details needless to say the motion was passed and over some
objections that's how it ended up.

Mr Parris never got a chance to speak to the delegates or even be
voted on.The reasons for this are 1.the convention chairman Kirby Wilbur
does not know the rules of the convention very well at all. 2. When you
have more than half of the delegates that just accept at face value
whatever the leadership tells them you got an uphill battle anyway.
3.Michael Young once again tried to silence those that don't agree
with everything he does.For the last three years I have watched all of
the various things that have gone on under the Herbold- Young leadership.
They are systematically destroying what was once a great county party.

What happened Saturday at the convention was the last straw. I have had
it with Michael Young and his friends. From there involvement in the Dunn
Hammond race. To silencing Phil Fortunato at last years convention. To
threatening to have a 72 year old lady arrested for exercising her right
to free speech at last years county picnic.To there repeated harassment
of Brian Thomas which culminated in there decision not to support him
last year when he ran for county council.I could go on with more but I think
you get the idea.

I simply am tired watching an out of control county chairman continue
on this power trip.Just so he can feed his insatiable ego.I am sick
of an executive board that does whatever the hell they want irregardless
of what there central committee might think.I am tired of seeing good
people losing races because they don't get the support they need from
the county party.I am not just talking about Brian Thomas.These people
pick and choose who they support based on there political leanings.
In other words its hardly ever a conservative that they will back.

For over three years I have lived in kent.The fargo precinct
has not had a PCO for at least that long.I volunteered many
times to do it but they turned me down every time. Would you
like to know why? Julie Holbrook who was then the district
chair didn't like the fact I was critical of the king gop
they wanted a robot.It didn't matter that the previous 9
years I spent in Skagit I was a PCO and an area chair.
They question my loyalty when they thwart the will of there
members all the time.

They continue to lose races at an alarming rate and they still don't
know why.When you do almost nothing to get out the vote you almost never
win.Trying to appeal to democrats to join your party has never worked and
it won't now.All you end up doing is driving your base away.I submit that is
exactly what has been happening.I am sick of having to do the job of talk
radio and the other bloggers. They would just as soon sweep it under the rug
instead of talking about it all for the sake of party unity.

I have decided I cannot watch this go on any longer.I have not determined
what I'm going to do just yet. But when I do everyone will know what
it is.Some of you are probably saying couldn't this also describe the
State Republican party.Well in the past I would agree with you.However
the one good thing that happened at the county convention is I actually had
a good talk with our State Chair Diane Tebelius.This was the first time we
had actually met.She seems open to having more discussions with me in
the future. So I will reserve judgment for now.God bless My wife Michele
and my Sister Susan Hutchison for inspiring me to do this.As well as
Mark Hulst and Doug Parris.Thank you Joey Styles for the actual idea of how
to write this.(I do not know Mr Styles.)Just hang on for a little while
I promise something will happen.This isn't just that crazy spackman talking
again. It was the last straw. In case any of you are wondering whatever I
end up doing will be of a legal and non violent nature.So don't worry.