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I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Anaheim. I really didn't have much interest in politics in those days.Other than Pres Reagan anyway.My wife turned me on to rush limbaugh and the rest as they say is history.Some Consider me a hard core conservative.I don't,yes I am a conseravtive but I'm more open minded than the hard core ones.For 10 years we lived in skagit county during that time I was a pco Area chair and county yr chairman.Since my wife and I moved to Kent almost 3 years ago the fargo precinct in the 47th district where we make our home has sat empty.Its been actually 5-6 years since its been vacant. The King Gop doesn't like me so empty the fargo precinct sits.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

King County GOP :Just who are they trying to fool here?

Good Afternoon,

I know I said I would talk about the state GOP.
But it will have to wait until next time.
It will be worth it.

Anyway , Just a couple days ago I was doing some
research on the king county GOP financial picture.
Well I found something I did not expect.While looking
at the state of Washington campaign disclosure website.
It seems that the friends of Jennifer Dunn have made
a couple of sizeable donations to the king county republican party.

that's right on January 26th of this year they gave
the king county GOP a donation of 10,000 dollars
and then on April 1st another 2,400 dollars
on the surface there doesn't appear to be any problem
with it.


When you have an organization that is directly tied
to Reagan dunn's campaign giving money to the supporting
political party prior to an election.The appearance of impropriety
cannot be overlooked.

This whole thing really gives the king county GOP a
black eye.For weeks now they have been denying
they are supporting anyone in the Dunn-Hammond
race.We are being neutral they say. Right Just
who are they trying fool here?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The tide may be starting to turn

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 47th district caucuses.
Based on what I observed Steve Hammond got a much better response
than Reagan Dunn. I think it got Reagan a little worried he toned
down his prediction of an 80 percent delegate victory.

This morning he told the king county journal he thinks he has
55 percent of the delegates. In 2 days his lead drops 25 percent.
Much to Julie Holbrook's chagrin I'm now a delegate.speaking of Julie Holbrook
that photo on the cover of today's king county journal of her
holding Reagan dunn's hand what a shameful display.

I will never understand why the king GOP allows such a conflict
of interest to occur.How she sleeps at night is beyond me.
Yesterday morning on Kirby wilbur's radio show.Reagan Dunn
and Steve Hammond where on together.Reagan actually had
the audacity to tell Steve he needed to follow the 11th commandment.
Coming from a guy who mere weeks ago called Steve a preacher
boy and to far to the right to represent the 9th district is pretty
choice.He's getting nervous my friends as well he should.

I sense the momentum maybe starting to turn to Steve Hammond.
Next time how the state GOP is in big trouble and who's really trying
to save it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

They are stacking the deck part 2

Good evening

This morning the king county journal ran a letter that I
submitted to the editor. They printed most of it but they left
out an important part of it here is the letter in its entirety.

In less than two weeks the King County GOP will hold
caucuses to determine who their candidate will be for
the District 9 council district.

Never have I seen such a blatant attempt by a political
party to stack the deck against one candidate like they
are against Steve Hammond.

I have no problem with this caucus system.
Where I have a problem is with the county
GOP leadership so interested in getting Reagan
Dunn elected that is willing to do whatever it
has to to make it happen.

Mr Dunn I call on you to demand the King County
GOP have a fair election process. If your not willing
to do this then you have no right to question dean
Logan about anything.All I am asking for is a fair
election .Shouldn't that be what we all want.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Well good afternoon,
many of you are probably wondering why I am doing this.
well after many attempts to get talk radio and many other blogs
to listen what I was saying about the republican party in
king county and the state of Washington I decided to
just do it myself.

Stay tuned in the words of Ronald Reagan you haven't seen
anything yet.